SEEING Project

The SEEING (Social Economy Enterprises for Innovation and Growth) project is a European Union funded partnership taking place in Devon (UK), Kolding in South Denmark and the Luxembourg province of Belgium. 

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SEEING is one of only five action research pilot projects funded by the European Commission in this field.

The project, which runs from Sept 2012 to February 2014, examines and pilots new ways for the public, private and social enterprise sectors to work together to foster greater inclusion into the workplace.  Well UK leads in Devon UK, on behalf of the formal partners in the project which includes Devon County Council (Public Sector), Peninsula Enterprise (Private Sector), Devon Community Foundation (Social Enterprise) and Well UK (Social Enterprise). Although the project is limited to a small number of ‘core' partners it will embrace a number of on-going and new initiatives as well as involving other innovative social enterprise organisations.

To complete its objectives, the project has a number of defined work packages:

  • A state of the art report examining the social economy sector from a European policy perspective and the state of development of the sector in each participating country
  • A stage that develops concepts and tools that can be tested for supporting social enterprise that lead the vulnerable towards employment. Also tools that help the public and private sector to work more closely with the social sector.
  • An implementation stage where the tolls are tested and improved
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination and legacy.

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