About Us

Well UK is a social enterprise consortium.

Our vision is to take the lead in preventing health and social inequalities - by creating thriving major partnerships and building capacity in local communities.

Our role depends on the needs of the project. We manage programmes, secure major funding and build partnerships and capacity. We bring together organisations and communities, especially in the South West, and we can successfully bid for major contracts as a consortium.

Our approach is focused on high-quality prevention rather than cure. We work with communities to empower marginalised people to avoid health and social problems before they happen. This is the best kind of care for them - and the best value for money.

Our partners include the Department of Health, Primary Care Trusts, GPs, local , regional and national organisations and local communities.

Our performance is committed both to financial and to social outcomes. We believe that financial stability is essential so that we can consistently deliver high quality services to often vulnerable beneficiaries. We ensure the involvement of our partners and the people using our services in the running of those services.

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Well UK is registered in England company number 6689447. The registered office is Westbank HLC, Farmhouse Rise, Exminster, Exeter EX6 8AT.

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