More about Well UK

Well UK was conceived in 2007 by Upstream with a grant from the Department of Health Social Enterprise Pathfinder programme. Well UK became a Company in 2008, as a not-for-profit social enterprise consortium, with a start-up of 3 partners, Upstream, Westbank and the Devon Association of Councils for Voluntary Services. Well UK was formally launched at a House of Lords reception in 2008.

Well UK is now a rapidly growing independent social enterprise. We seek contracts and facilitate the delivery of services to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities. We focus particularly on people who are vulnerable and isolated, including older people and families living in deprived areas.

We have won major contracts and delivered successful projects. We had a grant from Devon PCT and GPs for work on falls prevention and obesity, and funding from the Department of Health to roll out this work in other parts of Devon. We have won grants for a number of other projects.

Well UK aims to secure resources for an expanding number of local partners. We can help with collaborative bidding for public sector contracts and social resources, acting as the lead body for consortia bids and activities in Devon, across the South West, and nationally through our health and well-being partners.

Well UK is registered in England company number 6689447. The registered office is Westbank HLC, Farmhouse Rise, Exminster, Exeter EX6 8AT.

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